Our Team

Robin Martinez

Robin Martinez


Robin Martinez brings extensive business management & sales experience to Designers Today. She combines a MBA with on-the-ground knowledge of how to develop custom solutions for clients. Outside of work, Robin enjoys cooking and entertaining and has thought about opening a restaurant on more than one occasion.

Jane Dagmi

Jane Dagmi

Editor In Chief

After 22+ years writing and producing features and columns for interior design magazines, websites, and blogs, Jane is now focusing her creative energies on Designers Today. With a mind brimming with ideas and a heart connected to an abundance of fine design and furniture-industry friends, Jane's vision for the new  Designers Today is to create a visually and emotionally compelling magazine that resonates, educates and empowers, and joins style with soul.

Ryan Zanardi Headshot 2016 Designers Today

Ryan Zanardi

Content Manager

Ryan lives at the crossroads of marketing strategy and content curation. As Content Manager for Designers Today, Ryan strategizes with companies to develop integrated marketing campaigns via custom content and other vehicles. After 5pm - Ryan plays guitar and keyboard in a touring band called Bear With Me.

Andrea Lilo Headshot 2016 Designers Today

Andrea LilLo

Features Editor

Andrea is passionate about home design, and has covered the industry for most of her journalism career. As Features Editor for Designers Today - and a true New Yorker - she writes about design and retail trends. Andrea lives in beautiful Brooklyn, where she could very well be the only person without a tattoo.