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Cost is biggest barrier to hiring a designer

Michael HurleyComment
Cost is biggest barrier to hiring a designer

HIGH POINT — Cost and lack of need are the two biggest barriers to hiring a designer among all generations, according to exclusive research from Furniture Today.

Cost is the strongest deterrent for Generation X, at 79%, slightly ahead of Millennials at 78% and Baby Boomers at 76%. Lack of need, at 65%, is a bigger barrier for Baby Boomers than both Millennials (62%) and Generation X (57%).

However, not all barriers to hiring a designer stem from perceived negative aspects of the designer experience, as 62% of Millennials said they prefer designing themselves. Half of Generation X and 57% of Baby Boomers responded likewise.

Consumers are much more likely to consider working with a designer for complete room overhauls, while preferring to tackle redecorating projects themselves.

A complete kitchen renovation is the home project for which consumers are most likely to consider using a designer, with Millennials most likely at 54%, significantly more than Generation X at 45% and slightly more than Baby Boomers at 52%.

Generation X, at 38%, is less likely to tap a designer for a complete bathroom renovation than Millennials (47%) and Baby Boomers (46%). Millennials are most likely to consider a designer for a living room overhaul, at 40%, more than the 35% of Generation X and 32% of Baby Boomers who said the same.

There are immense differences in how each generation searches for designers. Online searches were most popular among Millennials: Eight in 10 used a search engine, compared with 58% of Generation X and 36% of Baby Boomers. Social media searches were also extremely popular among the younger generation, as 57% of Millennials reported using one, compared with only one-fourth of Generation X and 29% of Baby Boomers.

Continuing the trend of using digital sources to find designers, Millennials, at 40%, were also most likely to use home décor websites for their search, while only 25% of Generation X and 21% of Baby Boomers did the same. Recommendations from family and friends are the top source for both Generation X (63%) and Baby Boomers (71%).

Where each generation sources designers varies widely, too. The majority of Millennials, at 37%, used an interior design firm, more than both Generation X at 29% and Baby Boomers at 14%. Independent designers were the most popular source for Generation X (38%) and Baby Boomers (50%), compared with 26% of Millennials.Baby Boomers, at 14%, were the least likely to hire a designer through a furniture store, while 33% of Generation X and 30% of Millennials went this route.