High Point Market Authority opens submissions for October Design Bloggers Tour

The High Point Market Authority (HPMA) is continuing its partnership Esteem Media to bring the Design Bloggers Tour back for October High Point Market, and is now accepting interest forms from bloggers and social media influencers who want to be a part of the tour.

The tours, which will take place during High Point Market’s Oct. 19-23 event, will bring 10 design bloggers to the market for two full days of tours in sponsoring showrooms.  As a part of the program, participants will visit each sponsor for an up-close look at the exhibitors’ company, showroom and products during 45-minute presentations and tours beginning Oct 20 and concluding the next day.

According to Esteem Media’s founder Adam Japko. the Design Bloggers Tour is a “natural extension” of Esteem Media’s Design Influencers Conference and of the evolving nature of designer’s influence.

“The progressive evolution of design influencer marketing is palpable,” says Japso. “Thanks to our productive partnership with High Point Market, this specific tour brings venerable and rising star bloggers to market in an organized way; always producing quality content through an immersive experience with sponsoring exhibitors and showrooms.”

For those interested in taking part in the program, submissions are now being accepted at HPMA’s website until July 15.