LA Mart 'feels the love' with new temporary exhibit space

LA Mart 'feels the love' with new temporary exhibit space

LA Mart has opened new temporary exhibit space in time for its upcoming summer market in July.

The new space, located on the first floor adjacent to the building’s main elevators, adds 60,000 square feet of space to the show for both new and returning exhibitors.

“As our temporaries continue to grow, we decided it was time to create an exhibit space that was worthy of the incredible lines, one of a kind products and national brands that are exhibiting with us this summer,” says Frank Joens Sr., senior vice president and general manager for LA Mart.  “With the completion of this project, we will have both temps immediate delivery, cash & carry, and temps LA, order writing, all on one floor in neighboring spaces that are separated by a single hallway.”

Returning temporary LA exhibitors such as Mary Hada Group and Ole Peru have already been confirmed to join new exhibitors like Atenti and IWinn Style Co. In temporary immediate delivery, LA Mart will welcome back names like BSS Jewelry and Fox & Baco while adding Amy Simon Corp. and Kompanero to the lineup.

July’s market, running July 18 through July 22 in Los Angles, is themed around the Summer of Love, paying homage to the spirit of the late 1960s and early 1970s and offering a tribute to Woodstock’s anniversary, California’s Summer of Love and all of the festivities that surrounded those happenings.  As a part of that, decor, costumes and a market party within the theme will all make appearances at the upcoming event.