We are so happy to introduce you to Adelaide Elliott, the new bright, motivated and curious Web Editor for Designers Today, Casual Living, and Furniture Today. Adelaide started out at Progressive Business Media as an intern at Furniture Today, where she got her first up-close introduction to the furniture industry. Furniture Today’s Editor in Chief Bill McLouglin said this about agile Adelaide, “She is hard working, creative and has quickly shown herself to be a student of the home furnishings business. Adelaide is definitely someone who readers will enjoy following in the years to come.” 

To get to know our newest editor and what makes her tick, I asked Adelaide a few questions.

Q: Adelaide, how did you arrive at PBM in the first place?

A: I applied to PBM through a fellowship program called Campus Greensboro. At the time I applied to more than a dozen companies and was offered positions with several of them. I chose PBM in the end because it gave me the best opportunity to learn and continue a career in writing, which has always been my passion. I was also very curious to learn more about the furniture industry and High Point Market, an event that I grew up observing from a few towns over.

Q: What have you learned during your time at FT and what have been your fave parts of the job?

A: Over the last year I have spent the bulk of my time learning about the basics of what it takes to get a piece designed, manufactured and into a retailer’s showroom. I have also spent a lot of time being taught about the industry’s history and important people.

While I’ve really enjoyed learning about the ins and outs of product, design and manufacturing, it has been the people who’ve been teaching me that made me fall in love with the furniture industry. Everyone I have met has been willing to teach and connect with me over the last year, and I could not imagine leaving an industry where I have received such a warm welcome.

Q: What are you most looking forward to in your new position?

A: With Designers Today, I’m excited to better understand the design community and its members, as it’s a world I have never really been a part of. I’m also looking forward to learning more about the outdoor industry through my position with Casual Living. Furniture Today covers outdoor furniture, but not to the extent that Casual Living does, and the technology and design of things exclusive to the casual industry, like spas and grills, are very different from the categories I covered with Furniture Today.

Q: How would you describe your own style?

A: At this point in my life, I am not sure I have a design style, but I admire minimalist, collective styles. I do not like clutter, but I do like rooms that look like they came together almost on accident.

The work of Nashville-based designer Benjamin Vandiver has caught Adie’s eye. Here is a living room featured on his site from “ Gallery No. 3 ”.

The work of Nashville-based designer Benjamin Vandiver has caught Adie’s eye. Here is a living room featured on his site from “Gallery No. 3”.

Q: Anyone out there in the design realm that you’re currently crushing on?

A: I follow a lot design Instagram accounts, and one of my most favorites is run by designers and architects Paula Martinez and Charlotte Taylor. It’s called @studio_lapeche. Some other designers I admire include Andy Villasana, Benjamin Vandiver and Timothy Brown.

Q: Pets, hobbies, and/or collections?

A: While I do not currently have any pets, I hope to adopt a cat when I am more settled. For now, though, I do have a pretty extensive family of houseplants to keep me company. I have 25 plants in my apartment at the moment, so I guess they technically count as a collection. Other than that, I really only collect books.

In my free time I love gardening and I am a part of several gardening clubs and groups. I am also a volunteer with a wildlife rehabilitation group, and I spend a lot of time working there with everything from birds and possums to turtle and squirrels.