Jane DagmiComment


Jane DagmiComment

A few days ago in High Point, I got to hear 30 minutes of a social media presentation with branding guru Nicole Heymer of Curio Electro and interior designer and social media strategist Darla Powell of Darla Powell Interiors and Wingnut Social. The focus was on attracting clients through social with special attention put on Instagram.

If you ever get bogged down with the “What should I post?” question, Darla provided the following Content Pillars. The idea, per Darla, is to take what’s right for you and make a basic plan.

  • Finished Work

  • Testimonials: an excerpt from a happy client or collaborator

  • Personality and Team: images that show who you are

  • Lifestyle: disclose what you enjoy outside of work — cooking, wine, dogs, etc.

  • Process + Progress: not the prettiest but clients can see how you work.

  • Inspirational Quotes: you know the #motivationalMonday thing

  • Inspirational Photos: Share other designer photos from time to time and make sure the original designers is getting the props. Showing appreciation for someone else gives

Nicole Heymer spoke about the potential client audeince, noting that they are at different stages in the buying process and that they will respond to different kinds of photos and messages.

  • Awareness Stage: pretty photos of finished work

  • Consideration Stage: show how you’re different with Personality + Team

  • Conversion Stage: can present a time-bound offer (for a limited time I’m taking weekend consults)

  • Loyalty Stage: Acknowledges Clients

  • Advocacy Stage: testimonials from other clients.

Other aspects of Instagram that Darla made me think about was whether or not the feed skews warm or cool. She has been noticing an overall darkening and saturation as of late.