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Interior designer Laurence Carr (above) ventured to Italy for the annual Milan Design Week and shared highlights. with DT Holistic-minded Laurence, who illustrated her design journey in our March issue, prioritizes international travel as part of her business regimen. Feeding mind and soul, here are seven vignettes that aligned with her creative spirit.. (all photos: Laurence Carr Design)


I chose this stunning vignette by Kartell because I love the contrast of Philippe Stark’s Masters and Dr NO chairs against the Italian Renaissance backdrop. I approach my interior design concepts with a similar eclectic mix of ancient and modern 21st century sentiments.


This theatrical, immersive experience, from Artemest in partnership with TED Milano, took viewers into a splendid 1930s villa, complete with curated lighting, furniture, and decor all crafted by local Italian designers and craftsmen. Celebrating vibrant colours and textures, this was one of the best experiences of MIlan Design Week.


Ethereal and other-worldly, this Bocci vignette featured 73 blown glass, organic shapes. Each shape was painstakingly folded into a heat-resistant, ceramic, fabric vessel, giving it a uniquely textured look, like silk rippling in the breeze. Each fixture is fitted with a light source, offering a warm, diffuse glow. To me, this creates a magical atmosphere, especially with the lights “floating” in mid-air. I would use this lighting design to create a dreamy bedroom or other-worldly dining room.


Offering a futuristic upgrade to a home staple, La Chance’s unique work surface featured a long marble desk, glowing light fixture, and a chair that encompassed several textures. This vignette was a top pick of mine.


With Biophilia top-of-mind, Euroluce was one of my top picks, featuring greenery and sensual wooden sculptures. Each circular shape framed a piece of the vignette, creating the illusion of magnification of the scene’s perfect organic details.


Missoni has a steady knack for playing with colour. This unique fashion design house’s use of the spectrum is always cheery and playful, but remains high-end and elegant. I often use color in my designs to help clients who need a mood lift or an energy boost.


Etro’s furnishings are always polished with a distinct appreciation for culture. Their Aleppo bookcase shown at Salone Del Mobile features a stark contrast between light and dark wood. This makes the piece so versatile without sacrificing style.


Laurence Carr’s JOURNEY that appeared in our March 2019 issue. Like many designers her arrival at interior design was not a straight shot, The varied experiences she collected working in creative fields, hospitality, and events no doubt have shaped her unique point of view and abilities.

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Born in France and now living in NYC, Laurence Carr of Laurence Carr Design is recognized for her application of wellbeing principles and ancient techniques in luxury residential interior design. Her projects encourage mindful living and create harmony, whilst attaining a level of sophistication that develops from layering modern art, furniture, antiques and accents. Laurence has lived, worked and travelled in Europe, Asia, Australia and throughout the US. Prior to launching her interior design practice, Laurence was a professional ballet dancer, singer, stage director and fashion event manager. These creative and challenging experiences provided skills and knowledge that are proving useful in her current pursuit of improving clients’ lives through high-quality design.