In March we featured spaces by Chad James (left; Photo: Alyssa Rosenheck) and Billy Ceglia (right; Photo: Ivy D Photography ) chosen for the way in which each designer made a style statement with color-coordinated books. While Billy’s white books were individually wrapped, Chad, known to raid the Goodwill for books, filled his study shelves with the creamy pages facing outward for a uniform look.

For Chad, tasked with turning a huge historic mansion into a family home, it was important to strike a balance between the scale and grandeur of the historic mansion, and offering the modernity and comfort that should be evident in livable home. “I love juxtaposition- layering rooms with over the top pieces and found items gives a room something special,” he says. Billy, on the other hand, dressed shelves with white-wrapped books, each catalogued and hand-numbered and accessible via iPad. This consistent look makes an unobtrusive but not boring backdrop for art.

Inspired by the designers’ choices, we gave resources multiple sources for white books — Original Book Works, E. Lawrence Ltd., and Booth & Williams. This story explores the latter in greater depth.

Justin and Ashley Krewatch, co-founders of Booth & Williams, met at The College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia where they both majored in English.  After teaching for more than a decade, they started selling books online. While doing so, they began paying attention to the natural color, cover art and other decorative qualities of the books they sold.  They proceeded to put together some decorative collections which were quickly snapped up by homeowners and interior designers. Encouraged by this success, they began to broaden their offerings and develop the Booth & Williams brand.

Today, Booth & Williams “wraps luxury spaces in the natural beauty of authentic books”, supplying hotels, office buildings, studios, retail showrooms and residences throughout the United States and around the world.  Recently, they supplied and installed 13,500 books in a blend of warm tans, cool greys and delightful ocean shades for the Hotel Bennett, an eight-story European-style luxury lodging in historic downtown Charleston, South Carolina.  The aim was to capture the hotel's careful blend of contemporary and historic elements as well as its coastal setting.  Other clients include Ralph Lauren, Facebook, Magnolia Home, Disney, and Banana Republic.

Last fall at Boutique Design New York (BDNY), Booth & Williams launched its BOOKLOOK COLLECTION with 90 precise shades of authentic book color sold by the linear foot.  With choices ranging from Antique Boxwood and Vintage Denim to Midcentury Granite and Modern Seafoam, designers can now order decorative books in any quantity as easily as they order paint.

Booth & Williams processes over one million books each year in its Atlanta-area warehouses.  “While most designers would agree that books convey warmth, personality and a powerful sense of home, they would also say that finding books is a hassle.  We have tried to solve that very issue and thereby unlock this powerful decorative medium for the design community.”

 Their design team is available at 1.844.4.BWBOOK or for free assistance with custom projects.  Booth & Williams offers a 15% trade discount to its design partners along with increased discounts on larger projects.

Booth & Williams will be exhibiting at the HD Expo (May), NEOCON (June) and Boutique Design New York (November).