Since Natalie Reddell (aka Commander in Chic) came onto the Market scene (we met in LVMKT 2016), she has made a great impact in the interior design community. Not only does her generous participation in social media marketing panels inspire and teach, but she and the golden hashtag have truly changed the way we strike a pose for Market pictures, and so much for the better. In the spring Natalie pioneered the Market’s first AA meetings. This Fall, it’s round two.

In Natalie’s own words, she can tell you all about it:

Since I am open about my recovery, a few people in the design industry, mostly from my Instagram followers, have messaged me to ask where and how I attend AA meeting when I’m at market. Well, I am not a person who attends AA meetings regularly and I have never been to a meeting while at market, so I wanted to find out for them.

After doing some digging, I learned that there are no meetings on the campus of High Point during Market. There are, however, countless events serving alcohol. When I was early in my recovery I remember being really worried about going to market because so many events are centered around cocktails. Could I really be comfortable around all that booze?

The thing about recovery is that it is extremely isolating. You feel like the only person in the world who is not drinking, when the fact is that there are a number of people who do not drink for any number of reasons. I hope that holding a meeting each day will remind anyone in recovery that he/she is not alone. I, also, think it’s important to offer the meetings for people who go to a meeting everyday as part of their recovery. Market can be stressful, exhausting and a little overwhelming. I think starting each day with a meeting and some fellowship will be a real blessing to anyone who wants to join us! Plus, we’ll have DOUGHNUTS!

I am so grateful to my wonderful friends at Universal Furniture for graciously giving us the meeting room off of their fabulous cafe! The Universal Furniture showroom is on Hamilton Street and is shuttle stop #15 on the Red Line Route. The people at the front desk at Universal Furniture will direct you to the cafe area. The meetings are Friday the 12th to Monday the 15th from 8:00 to 9:00 am.


Please share if you know someone who would be interesting in attending.