Whenever I listen to a podcast, and I hear a designer or another creative talking about how they got to where they are today, in my mind I am drawing out a timeline, much like the kind I made in school. The nerd that I am has wanted for quite some time to draw several of these out on a sheet of paper,  and write a comparative blog. The procrastinator that I am, has never done that.

But then this happened.

david santiago journey.JPG

I became editor of Designers Today created a timeline of sorts in the magazine and called it "The Journey." It resides on the last editorial page -- that sort of spot that many curious readers will turn to first to see whose life is featured on it. So far two designers, David Santiago and Steve McKenzie have illustrated their journey to design.

David went first. I sketched out my own journey, texted it to him, to give him an idea of what I imagined. He completed the assignment in record time (see above) and all was good in the world. Steve McKenzie was next (see below) and after submitting his journey he wrote this to me: Thanks for the opportunity. Really made me appreciate what a tremendous journey I have had. Looking forward to the next chapter. I love that the experience meant something special. 

DT066_JOURNEY Steve McKenzie_Summer2018.jpg

Now it could be your turn. Interested in sharing your journey with our readers in print or online? If so, we’d love to see your creative expression - drawn, painted, inked, collaged. We require hi resolution jpegs, size 8 x 10, 300 dpi. In addition to sending your personal roadmap, we need a 50 - 100 word explanation/summary about your path to design. And kindly send us a photo of you too.

Please send to me at: -- i cannot wait to see yours! By sending yours in, you agree to have your artwork and words shared/featured in Designers Today magazine and/or digital content. In advance, many thanks for your interest.

Lead Blog Photo: Jon Tyson via Unsplash.