Dear Designer and Industry Folks:

We’ve got issues...Fall is coming up, and we're going to eight issues next year. Yep, that's right, doubling our frequency in 2019!  With all these pages to produce, not to mention blogs, panels, and who knows what else, I look to you, dear designer, beautiful creative, savvy entrepreneur, and marketing mastermind for wisdom, personality, truth, and guidance. What I see and hear fuels my ability to connect dots and create new meaningful content that I hope engages your heart and mind.

Here’s a list of what is wanted/needed for Fall 2018 and beyond. Please respond to whatever resonates. 

TECH: Sourcing, Project Management, and Presentation Tools

  1. Name 1 - 5 apps, systems, programs that you use in your business every single week for either sourcing, project management or presentation? What has proven most helpful to you and why?
  2. Besides email, how do you communicate and track projects within your own firm?  
  3. What remains most challenging in your day to day business? And how are you trying/planning to meet that challenge?
  4. How much do you spend annually on fees/memberships associated with tech?
  5. If you could design some tech, what would your dream app do?


How do you define Iconic Design? Is there a project where you included one or more iconic pieces, fabrics, motifs, etc.? If so, please submit images for consideration and explain why that piece or element was the right choice in the space.


If you have you worked for Ralph Lauren at some point in your career, we hope you will briefly tell us about your experience, your role and tenure, and lessons learned on the job. Is there one takeaway above all that resonates to this day?


INAPPROPRIATE CLIENT BEHAVIOR: Has a client ever come onto you or been inapprorpriate? If so, briefly describe what happened and how you dealt with it? In retrospect, would you have done things differently if it happened again? What did you learn from the experience? 

ECO-EFFORTS: Is the environment typically a consideration in your projects? What percentage of your clients ask for easy-on-environment goods? If any, what is your biggest challenge in green design? Do you like learning about green design? 


Fall conjures cozy weekend cabin getaways and we are looking for room shots, vignettes, and products that capture mountain retreats at the juncture of rustic and refined.


Care to share a sketch with us, something you drew on a trip. Please send a hi res jpeg of the sketch in your journal or wherever, and provide a caption that lets us know where it is, when you drew it, and what about that place inspired your work or fed your soul.


Best Business of Design Book you have read, would buy someone for a gift, and why?

ALSO of complete and utter ongoing interest: MENTORING (exploring these relationships); WORKSPACES/CO-WORKING SPACES (where creatives get s#@t done), LEAP (when you’ve interned and worked in service for multiple firms and then decide to take the LEAP and do your own thing).

COMING UP: The Sleep Issue: Master Bed/Baths; The sleep habits of creative entrepreneurs; favorite restful paint colors, etc.

TO SUBMIT: Though you can certainly send me low res images for review/consideration, I will need 300 DPI high-resolution color jpg or tiff format images for print. You may submit images here, send via We Transfer or Dropbox, or email me: 

 I look forward to hearing from you. xo

(Lead Photos: As illustrations for Haute Lodge and Iconic, here are two images that I snapped quite some time ago so I remember few details. The deer head is featured on a Michele Varian wallpaper and Noir's Budda chair, adapted from the iconlc hand chair by Pedro Friedeberg, was captured in Lisa Sherry's house in 2014.)