When Rina Norwood’s mother, Lina, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, she responded as loving child and skilled interior designer, studying up on the disease and then embarking on a renovation of her parent’s c.1932 craftsman-style Nashville home that would enhance the quality of life for her father, the caregiver, and her mother. Beyond the typical old-house updates needed like plumbing and electrical rewiring, there were the non-negotiable improvements — open concept kitchen, ADA-compliant master bathroom, and independent guest suite  — that would provide a higher-functioning and supportive environment for at-home care. Weather and structural integrity extended the project by two months. Lina Baun passed away just days before completion. 

When designing for seniors, our job as designers is to lessen the physical restrictions. ~ Rina Norwood

This article originally appeared in Designers Today, Summer 2018. This is the expanded version with more photos. To find out more about Rina, go here. After Photos: Jocelyn Baun