I have exciting news about Designers Today. To paraphrase a press release that went out recently, Designers Today and Exterior Design Magazines are joining forces as the PBM Design Group. While there's much to create and strategize,  Waynette Goodson, Editor in Chief of Exterior Design and Casual Living, and I will be working collaboratively on content and other cool stuff. You can read the official press release about the PBM Design Group here.

Waynette’s a good egg, a hard worker, and a devoted editor. If you know her, you already know that. And if you have never met Waynette, you will figure it out soon enough. She's passionate and so fun, and to top it off, she's uber curious to see your extraordinary exterior design projects. 

I want to properly introduce you to Waynette. Here are 10 things worth knowing:

way and me 2.JPG

1 Waynette became Editor in Chief of Casual Living in May 2016.

2 If she’s local on a weekend, you might find her teaching a yoga class.

3 Her nickname is Way which is kind of fun to say especially when paired with Hey, Hoo, and Yay.

4 She launched Exterior Design Magazine just about one year later in April 2017

5 She interviewed Lynyrd Skynyrd for Rolling Stone.

6 She’s a bold color gal and loves black, white, and red. She says, “My goal is to have a red chair in every room in my house.” She’s got her eye on a few.

7 The motto she lives by is: The truth will set you free.

8 Her all-time favorite fashion designer is Betsey Johnson.

9 Baths over showers: “ I am totally a bath girl. I don’t understand how people go through life without long soaks in a steamy tub with a crisp, chilled chardonnay.”

And drumroll please…

10 She once placed ninth overall as a hair model in the World Hair Olympics. Not 10th or 11th. 9th!

Don't forget to pitch Waynette your porch projects, backyards, decks, balconies, penthouses, refined and rough landscapes, your fancy tents and treehouses. Way's email is (Mine is Reach out anytime.

Photos: Ariel Perez