The Soles of Market

Chances are you've had a preview of the new introductions at High Point Market, but what about shoe introductions?

Designers Today has the exclusive footwear preview to HPMKT, provided by 16 experienced Market goers who know that style and sustainability go hand in hand (or perhaps "foot in foot"). 

In their own words.


Kelly O'Neal, artist/designer/co-founder Design Legacy

Jackson Pollack meets practical necessity. One glance and you know I’m an artist.

FRANK LEYON, global sales director, OLY

Edgy footwear, over the decades, used to be exclusively reserved for women. The shoe to me, is like a beautiful rug in a room and the soul of my wardrobe.

CHRISTINE PHILLIPS, publicist/designer 

These hot little Pradas rock my world  because they’re sky high platforms for extra height, great ankle straps to hold my foot in place while I’m flying around market, and my all-time favorite color; baby blue, natch. 

John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon, MADCAP COTTAGE, designers

John plans to wear green suede Brooks Brothers bucks. Classic American but with a hint of the unexpected. And green is a Madcap signature. 

Jason will sport custom Puma kicks in orange, pink, and green. A classic brand but given a bespoke treatment, also a Madcap signature. Kicky and fun.


JANA PLATINA PHIPPS (aka TRIM QUEEN), product designer/HPMKT tour leader

These are my well-worn faux Prada kicks, I could run a marathon in these babies. I love gold, it’s a neutral that goes with everything and I added some metallic ribbon I bought in Jaipur because embellishment is a pre-req in my closet.

DENISE MCGAHA, interior designer

The perfect companions to my textile collection launch with @DesignLegacy - they go with EVERY pattern and colorway.

DAVID SANTIAGO, interior designer/tenor

These are the kind of shoes that keep the bass in my walk loud and clear.

COREY DAMEN JENKINS, interior designer

As a designer, I believe form follows function. Well, my feet need to still function AFTER Market is over, so I’m rocking these Hugo Boss tennis sneakers with my business suit!



I have my trusty John Varvatos numbers, chic and perfect with plaid, and literally the most comfortable pair of shoes.

MICHELLE WORKMAN, interior designer

Fantastic Fuschia! My fashion color story for this market is yellow and fuschia and was inspired by this amazing fabric from Robert Allen.

RACHEL VILORIA MORIARTY, designer/podcast host

These are my Sam Edelman slides. They go with so many of my boho shirts and cover ups and look like upholstery fabric!

STACY KUNSTEL, Duchy at Dunes & Duchess/editor/stylist

No heels. I’m too picky about comfort.


MICHELLE NUSSBAUMER, designer/proprietor of Ceylon et Cie

Believe it or not, these boots are made for walking. Red satin Balenciaga...I don't leave home without them.

RAY LANGHAMMER, Creative Director of Barclay Butera

I love having something chic and comfortable and really stand out at market and these Givenchy run-around tennies really fit the bill!

WAYNETTE GOODSON, Editor in Chief Casual Living + Exterior Design

I love my Fly Londons! I want to be the international spokeswoman for Fly London when I grow up. I hardly ever take these sandals off my feet, especially at market.

STACY DOVE, social media goddess/soprano

Ending on a high note is always best.