Jane DagmiComment

Black and White on the Wall

Jane DagmiComment
Black and White on the Wall

Once upon a time,  dramatically compelling black and white photography was the dominant black-and-white art of choice in High Point. Then bold black and white abstracts came on strong with near brutalist brush strokes. And now adding to the goes-with-everything black and white art that celebrates more fluid line work, offering are lyrical drawings depicting people, nature (as seen above with Susan Hable's collection for Soicher Marin), and textile patterns. Is it just me finally tuning in, or has there been a visible explosion of these charming and simplistic artworks?




At Lee Industries, original art from Lucky Fish Gallery features winsome portraiture.


 Celadon Art showed a lot of black and white illustration.



Walking into Vanguard, the large black-and-white ginger jar painting (above) was the first piece of art that I saw.  Also at Vanguard, a collection of modern and tribal-inspired patterns from Celadon Art create a strong focus over a sectional.




An expanded view of Susan Hable's collection for Soicher Marin above and below. While color is traditionally tied to a flower's beauty, Hable makes us aware of each bloom's unique form and identity by silhouette.