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When Amy Flurry wrote Recipe for Press: Pitch Your Story like the Pros and Create a Buzz in 2011, it opened a lot of eyes. Essentially dubbed the quintessential DIY P.R. book, Amy, a former editor who had covered design, fashion, and lifestyle and had been pitched thousands of times had a wealth of experience to impart. She laid it out in simple language, broke it down into attainable steps, and entrepreneurs drew close. Many of those creative self-starters were interior designers.

The interior designers had unique concerns and needs. They flocked to her presentations and signed up for webinars. She dispensed knowledge, pitch wheels, and press lists. They were captive and hungry for more details, and so Amy started to write an outline in 2013 for a book tailored for them. She enlisted a highly regarded and trusted editor to supervise the process and brought in graphics and illustration experts too. And then she called in some of the brightest and skilled talents in the industry to weigh in on subjects like photography, publicists, and podcasts.

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Last High Point Market, Zoe BIos had moved into a really cool, stand-alone space. It had such great light and a good vibe and I asked if I could have my book launch there. I don’t even think I was finished with the book at that time.
— Amy Flurry

The Recipe for Press Designer Edition book tour officially kicks off in High Point on Saturday February 24th. Set inside the Zoe Bios Creative showroom, this art-filled space is an appropriate backdrop for interior designers who deal with color and form every day. ZBC also represents Amy’s Paper Cut Project artwork. The author, who clearly is not busy enough, chooses to moonlight as an artist, creating feathers and other lovelies out of paper.  The creations she fabricates with Paper Cut co-founder Nikki Nye are otherworldly.

The interactive Recipe for Press workshop begins at 10 AM at 110 S. Elm Street, High Point, NC. It will be followed by a Q&A and I will be there for Designers Today. Some of my fellow editors may also be in the house. Lunch and book signing to follow along with a few hours set aside for showroom sample-saling at Zoe Bios, Red Egg and Schwung which are all within a healthy after-lunch walking distance. The cost is $75 and includes a signed copy of the book, lunch, and special access to showrooms till 5 pm. Register for the Recipe for Press event here or get the book here