One of the most exciting new collaborations in the home textile arena to debut this market is Loloi’s x Rifle Paper Co. For anyone who has purchased stationery or decorated Keds or perhaps wallpaper from this 9-year young brand, it’s most interesting to see how Anna Bond’s joyful aesthetic translates over to home in a new soft goods collection of rugs and pillows with Loloi.

On the eve of her debut at Loloi, here’re are a few thoughts on the collaboration:

JD: What makes an excellent collaborative partner?

AB: One of the most important things when looking for a partner is that they share the same vision and excitement. Loloi immediately recognized that we could bring something new and different to the industry. Loloi is also known for their quality, craftsmanship and innovative design, which made them a perfect fit. We hope this is the first of many more partnerships to bring the Rifle Paper Co. aesthetic into the home.

JD: What did you learn in this collaborative process?

AB: I learned so much about the rug-making process and am continually fascinated by how each one is made. I asked so many questions to learn about each type of construction and how it might inform the designs. One of the biggest things I learned was how to design for both the size of the hooks or fibers as well as the different color limitations for each construction. For example, we had the most color limitations with the power loomed rugs so I chose to design them with a more limited, muted color palette. The wool hook rugs had more colors to play with and I loved the texture of the hooks so we designed those with the more vibrant Rifle Paper Co. floral patterns.


Pillows are also part of the collection. Many florals and sweet travel icons, but this dachsund makes me smile.

Run don’t walk to see this and to meet Anna Bond in person. Loloi is hosting a Meet and Greet with her on Saturday the 13th, 2 - 5 pm, Loloi, IHFC, D320