Jane DagmiComment


Jane DagmiComment

You’ve taken a great photo of a space you are working on – and the look is not optimal. Maybe it’s just a little dark, or perhaps you’d like to add your watermark, or add text overlays to the image before sharing on your website, blog, or social sites. If PhotoShop seems intimidating, there are several free and inexpensive options for both your desktop and your mobile phone. 


This is a free app that offers a lot of tools to enhance your images as well as photo filters. It is one of the most versatile mobile apps and not only is it very effective, it’s also a lot of fun to use and play around with as well. (Both iOS and Android)


This is one of the highest-rated camera apps and the choice for many pros. There are many custom editing features and beautiful preset filters. You can also share your work with other users. [Fun fact: If you’d like to have a styled look for your Instagram, search for ‘Instagram Themes’ on Pinterest. You will see many beautiful VSCO formulas to help give your Instagram feed a custom, branded feel. (Both iOS and Android)


This is one of the easiest desktop photo editing apps and one of the most inexpensive as well. There are not only photo editing features, but there are also pre-made design elements and templates along with great text overlay capabilities.


A wonderful desktop editor that offers a bit more customization than PicMonkey, though some may not find it as user friendly. For those who prefer it, it is an excellent choice for creating PDFs, web/social freebies, and other printables. You can also edit and share graphic projects with a team.


This is an easy program for creating social graphics, web stories, and animated videos. It’s a user-friendly program that lets you customize any images or videos with pre-set templates, layouts, music, and themes. You can even record your own voice-overs!  (Desktop and on iOS)

There are many more photo editing apps and in fact, a few peers also suggestedPixlr as well as Afterlight. In case you’d like to see your photos as works of art, try Prisma and if you have a pesky object you’d like to remove from your photo (i.e., photobombers, trash cans),TouchRetouch just might become your best friend!

This blog originally appeared in the IDAL newsletter. (IDAL stands for International Decorative Artists League)

Lead Photo: From Kips Bay 2018, interior design by Bunny Williams Interior Design.

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