Nina Magon, Founder and Principal of Contour Interior Design, has always felt the calling of entrepreneurship. Pursuing interior design, however, was not where she began her creative career. A business major with an interest in real estate and fashion, Nina opened a bespoke lingerie boutique in the Houston Galleria. Here’s where she begin to experiment with setting the mood. .

“Finding my passion for interior design was not a straight shot. In fact, like most things, it’s the fortunate result of an enterprising spirit and tireless experimentation.” ~ Nina Magon

Nina’s Journey to design was featured in  Designers Today fall issue .

Nina’s Journey to design was featured in Designers Today fall issue.

After two years in the retail world, Nina realized that it wasn’t so much the product which inspired her, but the space in which it was sold. She would find herself obsessively arranging and rearranging product and furniture to offer her customers their best experience. It was at this intersection of real estate, staging, fashion, and design that she found the world of interiors. In a bold move, she closed her boutique and enrolled in post-graduate studies in Architecture and Design at the Art Institute of Houston, and Contour Interior Design was born.

In ten years’ time, she grew her business, built a beautiful family, and cultivated a renowned brand all her own, but not without challenges — those present when one embarks on a sizeable undertaking and those which come with identity. As a woman of color in the world of business, she faced particular adversity and resistance. A proud Indian woman, she refused to be victim to this erasure, and those values of persistence and hard work which she inherited in her youth, drove her to stand unflinchingly in the face of opposition.

Today, Contour Interior Design is a multi-award winning, international firm, made up of talented designers from across the world, delivering luxury residential and hospitality spaces.

Lead Photo of Nina by Laurie Perez.