Product Profile: Sleep, Perchance to Dream...

Product Profile: Sleep, Perchance to Dream...

What Makes A Bed Worth $100,000?

ARMINGTON, Utah — Maree, a luxury custom bed manufacturer, specializes in beds that accommodate larger-than-standard sized mattresses, and the company has developed a loyal following of athletes, celebrities and business leaders.

Ranging in price from $12,000 to $100,000+, Maree beds are built to accommodate the measurements of any individual, according to company officials. Mattress sizes are larger than a California King, and buyers include NBA players, tennis champions and luxury furniture buyers. Designers Today recently interviewed Erica Gleaton, founder and CEO of Maree, about the luxury bed category.

Designers Today: Why is the luxury bed category an important one for retailers and interior designers?

Erica Gleaton: Quality luxury beds, especially those that are larger than average size, are key when it comes to interior design in an affluent market. Sleep is so important and having a great mattress where you are comfortable, no matter your size, can improve your overall wellbeing significantly.

Do you have information on how much the category has grown in recent years?

As the overall sleep industry continues to expand — with sleep being the ultimate luxury these days — the market continues to grow and expand in new ways. New online companies are popping up targeting millennial consumers, while the luxury market, like Maree, satisfies the wealthy and upwardly mobile with white glove delivery service. Wellness and health are becoming a stronger force in the lives of top CEOs, celebrities and athletes, and the luxury mattress market will see the results.

What do designers and consumers need to know about Maree beds?

Each bespoke bed offers state-of-the-art support and premium comfort with a mattress that adjusts to the body’s natural curvature. By providing innovative pressure point relief and spinal alignment, Maree beds are built to accommodate the measurements of any individual.

Each bed and mattress is made in the U.S. and the linens are loomed in Italy. All of the mattresses are made with breathable, chemical-free cotton, natural cotton batting or padding, quilted plush tops and recycled talalay natural latex (which is eco-friendly and hypoallergenic). Other features include motionless, soft/firm, and removable mattress toppers. On beds like the Boxcar Leather model, the head and foot can lay down or sit up, and the mattress offers a massage option, all controlled with an app on your phone or tablet.

When and where was Maree founded?

Maree was founded from a desire to offer comfortable beds to everyone. I was raised in Missouri by a single parent and grew up sleeping on mattresses that were donated to our church’s charity. Though we were grateful for the generosity, the mattresses were often not very supportive. Ultimately this led me to imagine my dream business. After graduating with my MBA and seeing a gap in the market, I made the project a reality. The company is now based in Farmington, Utah.

Why did you choose a Maree bed over another brand?

Gunner Peterson (personal trainer to J-LO, Sylvester Stallone, and Angelina Jolie): I chose Maree for the freedom of sleep it gives me! There is nothing like sleeping on a 2X California King. I love this bed! Training, nutrition, hydration and recovery are the four pillars of your health and wellness! This bed is made with organic materials and tailored to fit your body; I never want to leave my bed.

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