Desitination Design Brings Global Culture to U.S. Consumers in a New Furniture Line

New furniture collection incorporates inspiration and influences from international locales.

HIGH POINT, NC — The Destination Design showroom in High Point’s Union Square building is taking visitors on an abbreviated tour of the culture, people and materials of India for spring High Point Market, but the company principals are planning to become global product ambassadors of a sort for a variety of countries in the future.

Described by Brian Beane, CEO, as a "continuation" of Black Dog Salvage, a Roanoke, Va. retail and manufacturing enterprise that launched DIY Network’s Salvage Dawgs series, Destination Design is a debut furniture line created by Beane and company president Fred Schubert that includes one-of-a-kind pieces as well as collections that pay homage to locales all over the world.

"Fred and I have spent our careers traveling the world and working on design and product," Beane said. "We have worked with amazing artisans within the U.S. and abroad, and India is very diverse in terms of artisanship, product and materials. India also has a heavy focus and experience in the reclaiming of materials, and there are artisans there that have a family craft niche that goes back hundreds and hundreds of years."

A tagline developed for Destination Design and Black Dog Salvage is "Reclaim Your Business," an idea that Beane said perfectly represents the company and its products and suggests that this is a new furniture category and marketing message that a retailer or designer can promote to customers. Noting that the recycled materials are an important part of the Black Dog Salvage story, he explained that Destination Design is a natural continuation of the successful business model.

"Black Dog Salvage is a global salvage company and has been for nearly 20 years," Beane said. "Destination Design continues the BDS mantra of searching the globe for salvage materials, and we also find one of a kind items as they are and have been for decades and beyond and reuse these materials in new designs."

Beane said that the initial launch collection for Destination Design includes reclaimed materials and metals as well as specialized plating for many of the dining and occasional products. More than 400 SKUs will be presented in High Point in categories including accent, bedroom, dining and occasional. Retail prices range from $499 - $1,499 for accent furniture and $999 to $1,999 for bedroom (queen) pieces. Beane added that Destination Design was created specifically with the design trade in mind and that the India collection will be followed by other
locale-inspired groups.

"For the first four to six markets, we plan to introduce new Destination Design collection releases from new destinations while continuing to introduce product from countries that we have already launched," he said. "So in October, we will introduce products from a new country while also developing more product from India. April of next year, we will introduce product from a new country while continuing to produce in India and the Oct. 2017 country."

Destination Design product for the spring 2017 launch is manufactured in the U.S. and India and a white glove delivery option out of the company’s warehouse is available. Beane said that while there were challenges involved with working in India, the benefits allow Destination Design to fill a specific product design niche.

"Every culture is different and learning the people and mindset of the factories was initially a challenge," he said. "India has a different business mindset and model as compared to the volume countries of China and Vietnam. Each city has its own product niche and because India is so big, we take planes, trains and vans to get to any one location.

"The benefit of India is the ample supply of reclaimed wood and metal materials. This allows for the combining of industrial and contemporary styles, and the materials—along with the generational family artisans—gives us an authentic product that is reasonably priced within the higher-end price points."

The Destination Design by Black Dog Salvage showroom is in the Union Square Building on English Road in High Point. During High Point Market, a BDS shuttle will be running to and from the showroom to various locations throughout High Point Market every day from 7 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Cocktails will be served on the BDS trolley every day from 5 -7 p.m. & continuing in the showroom. Visitors to the showroom can register to win a handcrafted dining table and six chairs at the BDS Union Square showrooms and buyers with a minimum order of $1,000 will receive a leather bag, handcrafted in India.

Prior to her role with Designers Today, Cindy attended markets as both a consumer home furnishings editor and interior design client. She has written about the design industry for more than 15 years and still finds editorial inspiration in every corner of the world, from Italian villas to Atlanta urban lofts to country escape tiny homes.