Hart-Davidson releases "It's Not Your Room, It's You"
Join Leslie as she encourages readers in snarky Lucy Van Pelt style to take action with home improvement.

WILLIAMSTON, Mich. -- Author Leslie Hart-Davidson of HDD Studios has released her second interior design book, "It's Not Your Room, It's You." This irreverent and practical how-to manual helps homeowners address their home improvement project inaction in order to create beautiful, functional spaces in their home. 

Leslie will be performing a series of seminars and will have a featured room in The Idea House at the Grand Rapids Remodeling and New Homes Show, which runs from Jan. 6-8 at DeVos Place, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The "Choose Your Own Adventure" style format allows the reader to reference specific life events as they happen to ultimately live better in their homes. Join Leslie as she encourages readers in snarky Lucy Van Pelt style to take action with home improvement.

From life's transitions to those paralyzed by design decisions, Hart-Davidson's book offers insider tips from a professional interior designer. The book breaks down into four key sections:

·         Putter-Offers are those who live in spaces that underserve their daily needs and refuse for whatever reason to take action and change both their homes and ultimately, the quality of their lives. "It's Not Your Room, It's You" helps examine the "why" behind the head-in-the-carpet mindset. Broken down into sections of "Do," "Learn" and "Enjoy," Hart-Davidson walks the Putter-Offer through the traps of complacency, fear of decisions, lack of inspiration, lack of expertise, Pinterest paralysis and ends with a "do epic sh*t" tutorial.

·         Design Therapy 101 breaks down a timeline of the emergence of home renovation shows and the popularity of HGTV and its influence on the housing industry and homeowners' expectations.

·         C.R.A.P. and T.A.L.C. breaks down design vs. décor, teaching readers a specific language to help them talk functionally about what isn't working in a space. C.R.A.P. and T.A.L.C. are design acronyms that help diagnose and treat the dysfunction in a space and cover everything from furniture placement to upholstery, paint to floors, and the decorative elements that personalize the space.

·         Transitions (aka "Sh*t Just Got Real" or "You're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat") goes through how to re-purpose space for changing seasons, bringing home a new addition (human or fur), working from home, moving, co-habitation, and dealing with loss (either via divorce or death of a loved one). This section helps readers deal with what life throws at you, whether planned or unplanned, intentional or unintentional.