Andrea Cingoli wins 3 Red Dot Awards

Andrea Cingoli wins 3 Red Dot Awards

The Red Dot is a true recognition of quality and I hope to find entrepreneurs and companies who can give shape to these concepts by developing a real product.
— Andrea Cignoli

Roseto degli Abruzzi, Italy –Three of Andrea Cingoli's concepts were given Red Dot Awards at the exclusive ceremony held on the evening of Thursday, September 22nd, at the Red Dot Design Museum of Singapore: the sofa bed Qwerty Sofa, the electric vehicle CrickIT for mobility and the table lamp Balamp.

"This new international recognition is a confirmation of the conceptual exploration process I started," explains Andrea Cingoli, founder of Concepticon studio. "Winning the Red Dot Award for  Design Concept 2016 with Qwerty Sofa, Balamp and CrickiT makes me particularly happy because these three pieces summarize the scope of my design: from furniture design to lighting design for residential use or the business industry, all the way up to more innovative solutions for mobility and urban furniture.”

"The Red Dot is a true recognition of quality and I hope," concludes Cingoli, "to find entrepreneurs and companies who can give shape to these concepts by developing a real product.”

Qwerty Sofa: Furniture Design

Reminiscent of the loyal keyboard archetype, the Qwerty Sofa is ready to host its guests amongst its "soft" keys with a hint of irony. It is more than a sofa bed: the micro electric motors, controlled by a remote control, are designed to make sure each key/pillow can be adjusted in height to customize the entire surface available according to ones preferences and use. Qwerty Sofa is a playful and unconventional piece of furnishing that can transform itself into a couch or bed at will.

CrickIT: Mobility

CrickIT is a real motorized alternative for urban mobility and logistics. It is characterized for its multifunctional versatility thanks to its ability to transform itself from a vehicle to a luggage cart, all through the simple touch of a button. It can easily replace a bike and travel on sidewalks alongside pedestrians, along bicycle paths or in historic centers.

As a vehicle, it is foldable and easy to manage. It can withstand long distances and reach up to 15 km/hr. Once folded, it is rather compact and can fit in the trunk of a car. CrickIT can be used to transport individuals with disabilities or in the medical field. As a luggage, it can hold up to 250 kg. By reversing the handlebars, the transportation platform transforms itself into a container for goods. The device is also equipped with tracking software against theft and to track the goods inside it.

Balamp: Furniture Design

Balamp is a table lamp (abat-jour) designed to allow you to live in symbiosis with your surroundings, whether in a residential home or business. Its functions depend on the weight of the object placed on top of it. When an object is positioned on the lamp, the plate is pushed downwards and the weight is registered to keep the lamp off. Once removed, the lamp emits a soft light. To achieve a higher intensity of light, one must simply press on the supporting plate and keep it pressed down to activate the dimming function of the LEDs. Balamp has many other functions: it can hold personal objects, but also works as an alarm that projects the time on the surface of a dresser for a few seconds. Furthermore, it’s even a wireless charger you can use to charge your mobile phones by placing them on the upper plate.