What is inspiring your clients?

What is inspiring your clients?

Where are they looking to find inspiration?

In this new Design Today feature, we’re asking the leaders in the furniture and textile industry to weigh in, and first up is BT’s Ray McKinnon.

I can’t tell you I know for sure every color and every pattern that will be the next big trend. However, I can share with you what I think will influence consumers’ decisions over the next few years. and from that, I can surmise how I see color and pattern evolving.


Environmentally conscious consumers embracing healthier lifestyles will shop for natural products. From the food they eat to the clothes they buy to the fabrics they select in their homes, the Millennials will be more likely to choose items with natural origins. For this reason, I feel strongly that natural fibers will dominate the home furnishings market into the future. Modern and organic design is here for a long time, offering fresh style in a warm and restful setting. Colors from nature that are soft, earthy and reminiscent of everything natural will be prevalent. Even the whites will become warmer and softer in tone — bringing into the home the sensation, textures and colors of the outdoors that will reflect this modern lifestyle look.


The era of Pinterest and cultured design blogs have raised the bar of good design. Consumers are exposed to beautiful images of home interiors daily so their expectations are greater. The challenge for designers will be to create more sophisticated designs and constructions. I believe you will see increased use of texture and surface interest in fabric construction (woven and print). Design teams will be re-inventing classic styles with a modern twist that will move classic into the future. Color will be increasingly bold and richer and darker than in the past. Brilliant jewel tones will replace older color palettes from previous years. The layering of patterns with global overtones will continue to play an important role in home furnishings as well.


From advanced performance fabrics to sofas incorporating network systems using smart fabrics, technology will lead us to more cutting edge interiors. These are fabrics that can conduct energy and communicate so you can work from the most comfortable seat in the house. It may sound too futuristic but these are already being developed and tested.

These are just three of the trends in the market that will affect how consumers will be purchasing home products in the next few years. Companies and designers that stay on track with what is happening in the marketplace and stay on the cutting edge of trend forecasting are sure to rise and dominate in this industry.