Welcome To Designers Today

Welcome To Designers Today

By reading this blog and the many others on our site, you — our valued readers — are validating the hard work of a dedicated team and joining a community knowledge bank that grows daily. The Designers Today team is a group of people who believe that interior designers should be celebrated, supported and extolled as the professionals they are — influencers that plays a strategic role in deciding how people live, react and respond to their home environment.

Our companion piece to Designers Today, the Progressive Business Media digital and print publication for the interior design industry, this web site has been created as both a repository of information and an online forum for all matters related to design. From billing to buying, culling to costing, the issues that concern you also concern us, and we’re looking forward to providing even more information that you can use to strengthen and grow your business.

And in return, we hope you’ll challenge us to provide more useful information, find more unique sources and be a more valuable partner. We believe in the life-changing power of design and we’re on a mission to share our discoveries.

Come with us. 

Prior to her role with Designers Today, Cindy attended markets as both a consumer home furnishings editor and interior design client. She has written about the design industry for more than 15 years and still finds editorial inspiration in every corner of the world, from Italian villas to Atlanta urban lofts to country escape tiny homes.