Intro To Design
I kept hearing phrases like “hand” and “jacquard” and could not have felt any more out of my element.

I started working on Designers Today a mere five months ago. I joined the Casual Living brand three months before that. These two publications have been my introduction to the furniture world. To say that I am "green" when it comes to design is quite the understatement. 

In the past when I thought of the word "design," the first image that came to mind was runway models wearing something that I couldn't imagine ever putting on my own body, let alone running into others that would wear it. The outfits and makeup from the Capital in The Hunger Games wasn't too far off, in my mind. An insane amount of frills, makeup colors that weren't always the most flattering, and clothing that didn't look functional. But it was high fashion, and it was a world completely separate from the one that I lived in.

With this new career, I have started to familiarize myself with other definitions of "design." The first tradeshow that I went to was the ITMA Showtime Market in High Point, North Carolina with my Casual Living team. I kept hearing phrases like "hand" and "jacquard" and could not have felt any more out of my element. Even though at the time I was only focusing on the outdoors section of the market, I still felt overwhelmed. 

After that, I got to go to Las Vegas (where I had never been before) and the High Point Market. I walked around most of the time with my eyes bugging out of my head because there was just so much! I even spent some time drooling over all the sparkly and shiny indoor products- they looked like they jumped out of the HGTV specials I am addicted to and onto the show floors. 

Now that I have joined the Designers Today team, I have been diving in to both ends of the spectrum. Indoor, outdoor, you name it; it's all becoming relevant to me now. I recently learned the difference between a sofa and a couch, which pretty much turned my childhood upside down- I had been using the two terms interchangeably. *Cue the gasping and cringing.*

Here's what I found out, instead. In my searches I read that couches are meant to be more informal; something you would want to lay down on. Sofas are more formal and tend to be more bench-like.

So forget needing to set a foundation, I am still at the board meeting where we're discussing where this hypothetical foundation will be set. Newer than new, Millennial Shopper will focus on all the questions I will come to have as I navigate the glittery world of furniture and design. 

In March I went to Vegas to cover the HD Expo. While there, I was swiftly corrected on an important matter: there is interior design and then there is product design. So here is my first question: 

Are there any other types of design in the furniture world? Who else am I leaving out?

For Designers Today, Bridget deals with content - writing her own and editing guest material. Managing the production of website content, she works closely with social media and digital materials. Keep up with her blog series, where she navigates the world of design through the lens of a Millennial shopper.