What’s Selling, What’s Trending & What’s Working

What’s Selling, What’s Trending & What’s Working
I think that the primary motive for our clients to surround themselves with luxury and comfort is that people enjoy entertaining friends and family at home and they are also having more stay-cations.



From subtle beige tones to dare I say, 50 shades of gray, clients are using neutral tones in their living rooms and dining rooms, and many continue one of these color schemes throughout their entire home. With varied neutral grays, from very light to slate, clients choose teals, aqua and white for a crisp look. Rich jewel tones, such as cobalt blue, amethyst, emerald green and ruby add splashes of color. Textured bold velvets, snakeskins, embossed crocodile leathers, modern geometric fabrics or natural hair-on-hide skins are then layered in and often used for upholstered accent chairs or on patchwork area rugs or pillows.

Our more nautically-inclined Floridians and our Snowbirds choose coastal blue tones, deep navy, paired with bright corals. They use optic white leather or fabric for large staple items such as sofas, sectionals, or dining room furniture providing a cooler color palette in our warmer climate. There is nothing they want more after traveling from their cold and usually ‘brown’ decorated main home, than to walk into a fresh, bright, calming and beautiful Florida home.

Luxurious Surfaces


Luxurious surfaces add refined sophistication to case goods, occasional furniture and lighting. Clients really enjoy bringing exterior surfaces indoors for a more organic living space. We offer exotic stones, such as agate in gorgeous taupes, bright blues and deep purples. Marbles are also popular in warm earth tones of beige and browns, or in grays and whites.

Metallics, including stainless steel, gold, rose gold, bronze, copper and even black stainless steel have been fashionable as well. Elegance and sophistication can be incorporated in any room on smaller scaled pieces like side tables, lamps and accessories without adding exorbitant prices.

Matte finishes, rather than high gloss — once prevalent at Wasser’s — are currently popular in our showroom and we are noticing a demand for this newer finish on our contemporary furniture. In my opinion, “high gloss” has gotten diluted in the market place and it is no longer desirable to our high-end buyers. Luxurious matte finishes are available in assorted color tones including blues, aqua and varying shades of gray or custom colors to fit any clients’ design project. Exotic woods in various colors are being paired with glass and acrylic for mixed media applications rather than the standard matte brown wood typical of big box stores.


Luxury Sofa Beds, Sectionals and Recliners

I think that the primary motive for our clients to surround themselves with luxury and comfort is that people enjoy entertaining friends and family at home and they are also having more “stay-cations.” Additionally, snowbirds are spending more time in Florida each year and they are more apt to purchase comfortable, yet luxurious seating that is built to last.

With the growing trend of tech-savvy rooms, including advanced surround sound systems, LED lighting, electric shades, home theaters and playrooms for families with children, people are investing in high-end comfort furniture and accessories. For example, American Leather sofa beds, a huge product category for us, are perfect for the den or a guest bedroom. The kids can hang out, play video games and lounge on these stylish sofas to watch a movie. Friends or family members from out of town can crash on these same sleeper sofas featuring high-density foam mattresses, without having to compromise comfort. These sleepers feature no metal bars or springs in the mattress so it is like sleeping on a real bed. In fact, the biggest complaint I hear from clients is that their guests don’t want to leave because these sleepers are so comfortable!


Our priority has been to build a stellar reputation on Houzz and other online communities, because let’s face it, reputation is key to a successful business. Consumers rely on reviews when choosing where to purchase so they look online before visiting a showroom. In order to receive our 5 Star Rating, we have consistently demonstrated exemplary customer service. We have been honored with the Best of Houzz award for 2014, 2015 and 2016 and we are so proud to be a recipient of this coveted honor.

If I have to share a few strategies, I would say that as owner operators, we are involved in every aspect of our business. We offer exemplary personalized attention, years of experience in product knowledge and we demonstrate a contagious passion in all that we do. We understand and address the needs of our clients while we also build lasting relationships through developing a deeper level of trust.

We are tech-savvy and have the ability to provide instantaneous information for our clients. Because we are iPad equipped while escorting our clients throughout the showroom, we can answer all of their questions. Clients often tell us they are so appreciative of the education they receive at Wasser’s. This is important to us because high end furniture is an investment. We want our clients to feel confident that they are making their most favorable and educated decision when they purchase with us.