Improve Brand Experience Via Social

Improve Brand Experience Via Social

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.  -- Today's changing consumer landscape has seen the increasing use of digital channels over more traditional voice, chat and email modes of customer service.

In particular, consumer adoption of all forms of social media and messaging apps is at an all-time high. In this new mobile, social environment, businesses are now challenged to design strategies that will enable them to solve customer service issues on social channels with immediacy and authenticity. 

Frost & Sullivan's latest article, Empower Your Customer Service Team to Be Brand Advocates available for downloading, highlights the business value of social customer service, what makes customer service the new form of marketing, as well as the importance of having the right technology and people to handle social as a channel.

In a recent Frost & Sullivan thought leadership forum which included the participation of a select group of Customer Experience executives from diverse organizations such as Moo, Jet, Sparkcentral, Shopify, David Yurman and Siemens Building Technology, panelists shared perspectives about a business climate where social customer service has become a necessity, and revealed how harnessing the power of social media can have a positive impact on brand performance.

"Social media shouldn't be viewed as a different animal, but as a valuable interaction channel that can create the 'make or break' factor in solving issues and creating good and lasting impressions with customers," said Frost & Sullivan digital transformation principal analyst Nancy Jamison. "To achieve this demands due diligence in finding the right tools to easily train and empower agents to handle this exciting new interaction channel."

To meet the changing landscape, organizations are going beyond inquiries and customer support to proactively engage with customers. Ultimately, social media can be utilized by businesses to do more than serve customers; it can be used as an effective strategy to garner promotion and boost community advocacy momentum.