Hyphen Launches Its Signature Mattress

Hyphen Launches Its Signature Mattress

LOS ANGELES -- Can the healthiest night's sleep be delivered to our door in a box?  Hyphen Sleep, LLC., a sleep startup that launched in 2015, claims a resounding "Yes!"

Hyphen set out determined to create a better mattress experience. After researching all things mattresses, Hyphen drew upon the vast experience of its stakeholders and developed better options for both. The Hyphen mattress is made with custom Hyphen Foam and offered in six different sizes, ranging in price. Each Hyphen mattress is delivered in a box no bigger than a 2' square and 3.5' tall. Open the box and the mattress "breathes," taking in air and expanding to its full size. 

"We are thrilled to formally launch our product to the general public," said Jered Goodyear, founder of Hyphen. "We were inspired by a desire to create a bed that enables you to live life at your peak, so we conducted research to identify the latest and best materials available to support our mission. From there, we created the mattress you always wanted: a mattress purpose-built to support an active, vibrant life. We're thrilled to take the product to market and are confident that we've created something that everyone will love."

The Hyphen Difference - Mattress

The Hyphen mattress design is made with custom Hyphen Foam that delivers the most comfortable and restorative night's sleep possible. Why? Because it contours to your body without sucking you in; isolates motion but has just the right amount of bounce so you can move easily; provides variable support that adapts to your body's needs and sleeps cool.

Hyphen mattresses also feature numerous key differentiating points:

·         Two layers of antimicrobial protection to protect against dust mites and other allergens, as well as illness causing bacteria and viruses

·         Advanced temperature control through four unique mechanisms:

o   Open cell foam for breathability

o   Ventilated top layer of Hyphen Foam for added air flow

o   Infused copper is hyper-conductive (20,000 times more conductive than traditional polyurethane foam) and draws excess heat away from the body

o   Dual-point phase change technology reacts to your body's temperature to absorb or release heat as needed

According to product testing and reviews, Hyphen mattresses rate between a medium and medium-firm feel and are constructed using three distinct layers: a 2", 3.5lb custom formulated Hyphen Foam comfort layer; a 2", 2.0lb buoyant transition layer and a 6", 1.8lb orthopedic support base.

The Hyphen Difference – Purchasing and Delivery

With pricing starting at $475 (twin) and capping at $875 (king), Hyphen provides better quality at half the cost of a typical mattress. What's more, you avoid the frustrating, confusing process of shopping for a mattress in a store.  Manufactured on-site in Rancho Domingo, Calif, Hyphen leverages American know-how with almost a century of experience in mattress craftsmanship to create an extremely high quality product you can believe in.

Hyphen mattresses are easy to purchase at hyphensleep.com. With a single design available, the only decision to be made is the size. The mattress is compressed, slipped into a portable box, and shipped at no charge. If buyers are unsatisfied for any reason, Hyphen will refund your money, coordinate pick-up of the mattress and donate it to charity.