How to Use Tiles to Showcase Your Personality
Whatever your personality, tiles offer the perfect foundations to showcase it. Their versatility means that they can be a core focus or a subtle touch up to any room.

Derbyshire, UK - Many of us use our homes as a way of expressing our individual personalities and tastes. From color schemes and ornaments to wall art and furniture, décor can say a lot about your characteristics.

One area that doesn’t seem to be as considered so much is tiles. Whilst they are undoubtedly pivotal to many homes, they also contribute invaluable amounts to the aesthetics of a room. So much more than simply a surface, tiles can be used to showcase your personality.


Gone are the days when tiles were boring, plain slabs installed just to protect against water. Their function remains intact but there’s now a whole abundance of styles, patterns and colors.

If you’re somebody who loves to create interior excitement, you can do so without limits. Want to express your love of all things Victorian? Maybe you’re more of a polka dot or stripe kind of decorator. It could even be that you have an idea that sounds crazy to everybody but you.

Whatever your personal preference, you don’t have to make do with generic coverings that don’t suit you. You can pull out those cookie cutter tiles and start afresh with more appealing ones.

That’s not to say that plain tiles are for boring rooms lacking in charisma. Many people acknowledge that they are ideal for clean, understated areas and ooze class.


Desperate to inject subtle tones that provide a calming atmosphere? Looking for a new take on the tired old white? The world is your oyster thanks to a new breed of design and manufacture. You probably don’t want to go to an extreme and tile an entire room in bright yellow or electric pink but the traditional whites, greys and blacks can have a stunning impact.

A dark, sleek black gives a touch of modernity. White tiles have a classical allure to them. Grey options offer a clean, contemporary feel. The various shades of each tone can even elegantly balance each other to show a varied personality that values a touch of all traits.


Maybe even less considered when it comes to displaying a certain mood or traits is the size of tiles. The different variations on offer can throw up some amazing exhibits representing a wide range of distinct qualities.

The design that instantly springs to mind is mosaic tiles. These often rather small appearing options offer a tasteful look and are ideal if you have a fondness for extrovert, contrasting tones.

Larger tiles are popular among homeowners yearning to place value on class. Generally considered to convey a personality of style, fashion and a blend of present and traditional day, they could be ideal if you want a graceful interior.



It’s not just patterns and colors that come into play when choosing your perfect tiles. There’s a whole world of different effects to explore that can really show off what you’re about.

One variety that is gaining more and more traction is brick effect. Sporting an incredibly inviting and time-honored charm, lovers of all things traditional can get their fill simply by installing these.

If you’re a fan of the modern and classic fusion that wood flooring brings, you can replicate this with tiles. The natural appeal of wood can be replicated with wood effect tiles that bring all of the characteristics with them. Enthusiasts of nature and classic flooring will surely love this surface.

Wood effect tiles

Wood effect tiles

Brick effect tiles

Brick effect tiles


A Great Finish

Whatever your personality, tiles offer the perfect foundations to showcase it. Their versatility means that they can be a core focus or a subtle touch up to any room.

With the right options in place, your home will instantly feel as it should – a place you love. From there, it’s simply a case of enjoying your surroundings, knowing that you’ve put together something really great.

Remember that the whole topic is completely subjective. There’s no right way and no wrong way; there’s only your way.

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Lee Simpkin is a tile expert at Tile Town. He provides both products and insights for remodeling and construction projects for the public and trade.