Moore & Giles and Crosley Radio partner up
Only forty units will be produced in total, divided equally between the two colorways created for the release.

Lynchburg, VA -- Moore & Giles and Crosley Radio announced the release of a limited edition, collaboratively designed record player titled the “Commonwealth Collection C10 Turntable,” which is set for release this November. This first collaborative release between the two brands puts forth a thoughtfully designed turntable that sits at the intersection of convention and innovation, utility and luxury. Two versions of the C10 Turntable will be available to consumers nationwide for pre-order starting October 24, 2016, offering a concise showcase of leather color, texture and behavior.

Seeking to underscore the tactile appeal of the record playing experience – the weight of the vinyl, the intricacy of the album art, the ceremony of dropping the needle – by adding extraordinary leather textures and laser-cut detailing to the player’s physical design, the Commonwealth Collection C10 Turntable is a record collector’s dream. The art and leather decisions were shaped by the deceptive simplicity and exceptional quality of the Crosley C10. Quietly imposing, the C10 features a low vibration synchronous motor and shock absorbent feet for reduced vibration and superb sound quality. The aluminum Pro-Ject tone arm is equipped with an adjustable counterweight, anti-skate adjustment and a pre-mounted Ortofon OM5e cartridge for superior audio reproduction. With a simple design and quality components, the C10 provides a high-performance experience for true vinyl lovers.

Utilizing the Crosley C10 as the base of the design, customers will have the option to choose between two choices of wood finish topped off with signature Moore & Giles leather to complement each, both laser etched with artwork that adds not only a unique aesthetic but also another layer of both texture and innovation. The artwork features the topography of the land between Lynchburg and Louisville, an abstract nod to the historical and geographic proximity shared by Crosley and Moore & Giles. These concentric lines of the topographical map echo the concentric lines engraved on a record.

Only forty units will be produced in total, divided equally between the two colorways created for the release. The mahogany wood finished turntable is inlaid with Moore & Giles calfskin in a sophisticated, smooth matte black. The birch wood finish is paired with pebbly, vegetable tanned leather called Modern Saddle (released just this year by Moore & Giles), which hails from a small producer just outside of Pisa, Italy. Modern Saddle hides are tanned for upwards of sixty days in a potent liquor of tannin-rich organic vegetable matter. Over time, you can expect Modern Saddle to evolve from its initial golden color, burnishing into a rich shade of dark caramel. The leather on each turntable has been individually numbered from one to twenty and features a subtle co-branding to celebrate the exclusivity of this collaboration.

The limited edition turntables designed for the Commonwealth Collection are the manifestation of the high-quality product and innovative thinking that have enabled these two historic American companies to thrive for so long.  The urge to work together was a natural fit as Moore & Giles and Crosley have tread distinct but parallel paths for over eight decades. Although working with different materials and aiming at different markets, the companies are united by a respect for history, tradition, and a constant drive to update both. Crosley has a history that dates back to 1924 and Moore & Giles, only a few hundred miles east, to 1933.

The Moore & Giles x Crosley Commonwealth Collection C10 Turntable is priced at $840 USD and will be available exclusively on starting Oct. 24, 2016, shipping November 2016.