Consumer Connection:
19% of consumers plan to use AN interior designer

By Courtney Thabet, PBM Strategic Insights

While only 13% of consumers have ever used an interior designer, 19% plan to use an interior designer in the next 12 months, according to exclusive research from Furniture Today.

For nine in 10 consumers, the desire to have a trained eye help accomplish their home projects is the main trigger for hiring an interior designer. Eighty-one percent are looking for a “wow” factor, and three-quarters of consumers want the
availability of resources that designers have. For 71% of respondents, feeling overwhelmed with the design project led to hiring an interior designer, while 65% did so because they thought it would save them money in the long run. The least influential trigger for consumers to hire an interior designer was to assist in selling their home.

The main deterrent for hiring an interior designer for 78% of consumers is cost. Sixty-one percent of respondents cited lack of need of a designer as a deterrent, while 56% reported they enjoyed designing their home themselves. More than one-third of consumers said a barrier to hiring a designer was the time commitment involved, while less than three in 10 claimed that designers were too pushy. Only 18% cited not liking designers’ styles as a barrier to hiring.

Consideration for hiring an interior designer ranks higher for complete renovation projects, defined as including possible demolition/construction/repair, new floors, paint, hardware, cabinets/built-ins, furniture, appliances, etc.,
compared with redecoration projects, defined as including possible new paint, furniture, appliances, but not demolition/construction/repair or new flooring.
Half of consumers would consider using an interior designer for a complete kitchen overhaul, the highest percentage among all home redesign projects given. A complete bathroom renovation ranks second among consumers with 44%. The master bedroom ranks lowest among complete renovations with three in 10 consumers saying they would consider hiring an interior designer for such a project.

For redecoration, the kitchen again ranks the highest among consumers at 22%, followed by outdoor areas at 19% and the living room at 18%. Only 15% of consumers would consider hiring an interior designer to redecorate the master bedroom.

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