A word from the editor

It’s no secret that everyone is starved for time…and attention…and reputable sources.

Social media has enabled every man, woman and angsty teen to offer opinions as information and to position themselves as experts. The notifications come fast and furious, and it’s all a bit overwhelming.

With this Designers Today newsletter, our goal is to give you the option of a quick five-minute read that will provide professional tidbits that are worthwhile of your consideration. If you’re at a stoplight, we want our content to be compelling enough that you’re not irritated at the interruption. We want you to continue on the rest of your drive thinking about what you’ve just read and looking forward to exploring more of what we’re bringing to the interior design table.  

Twice a month we’ll put out some of the things that have made an impression on us and we’ll present perspectives on design from all demographics, from Millennials and Gen X to Baby Boomers. Our goal is to be your partner wherever and whenever you want, on your phone, tablet or laptop.

And we hope you’ll keep us honest. If you see something that positively OR negatively triggers a response, let us know. We’re planning to evolve what we cover here — and in the magazine and on the website — based on your feedback. Need more product resources? Let us know. Want a glimpse at international market trends? Tell us. Partners with a company that deserves to have their story told? Email/comment/post to our page.

This is your design newsletter. We’re here to bring you what you need to build a stronger business. Tell us how to help.